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What to expect in a Sapphire Soul Balance Box

YOU are enough

I believe in paying it forward. I believe the soulmate you are looking for is yourself. I think you can when you think you can't. Discover your inner beauty in a monthly box lined with love.



Sapphire Soul is knowledgeable and products are exceptional! I love the oil sprays, I like to use them at bedtime or when I am feeling stressed out. I am thrilled Balance Boxes are offered as a subscription and can't wait to see what each box brings!


Ann Arbor, MI

I have enjoyed every bit of Sapphire Soul. Perfect for someone who has 'everything'. I am addicted to the variety of items! Sapphire Soul has tons of free tips, remedies and freebies on their blog. There really IS something for everyone!


New York, NY

Sapphire Soul is not just a WONDERFUL website of inspiration and a wealth of gifts for yourself and loved ones, it is an attitude of love, gratitude, happiness, spirituality. “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer


Plymouth, MI

The Sapphire Soul Experience

Starts right here, right now. You've found Sapphire Soul- a very good sign! High quality products with meaning and purpose are hand selected each month to fit the monthly focus of the box. Each month is different! Each box takes you on an inward journey and brings out the best in your soul. The items in the box are curated and chosen with love, but the overall Sapphire Soul experience & the beauty it brings out in each person is where the magic happens. It starts with you, it ends with you. We provide the tools, you create the magic!

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