Sapphire Soul, Mindful + Mystic for the Modern Goddess
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What is Sapphire Soul?

Sapphire Soul is a monthly subscription box of products, wisdom and soul work. We are, MINDFUL + MYSTIC FOR THE MODERN GODDESS™.

What does this mean? We partner and find the best of the best holistic + mystic artists, entrepreneurs & businesses with a pay-it-forward + good karma kind of presence. Conscious companies who are mindful from the inside out shine inside a Sapphire Soul box. We have a variety of monthly subscription options as well as our all NEW BOHO-CHIC (LUXURY) Quarterly box!

Sapphire Soul brings an awareness and focus to self-care of your entire being. So often, we (especially women) are piling item after item on our to-do lists, trying to be the pitch perfect mom/wife/colleague/girlfriend/friend/etc.

So often, we think of self-care as a massage or mani/pedi. While these services are awesome (and I highly recommend from time to time!) the relief is short term. And, services such as this only assist in the physical self-care aspect of YOU. What about your mind and your soul? When do they get some love?

Somewhere in the middle of our chaotic and rushed lives, we loose ourselves. Our sense of self. There is a disconnect. We may even lose our voice and our entire sense of self. Sapphire Soul assists in bringing YOU back to YOURself. There is no magic box or pill or potion I can send you to make your problems disappear. There is no quick fix. But overtime, when you learn to tune in, tap in, and listen to your intuition- you will start to make choices and your life will become much easier. Much more joyful and the things you used to stress about will fade away.

My boxes are meant to teach you how to tap into YOUR own magic. To harness it, find it again- then release it to the world so YOU can shine BRIGHT.

The blog, private Facebook group and members-only area sprinkle your life with modern mystic, in small doses. Recipes, rituals, how-to's, self-care routines, meditations, monthly webinar pow-wows and morning affirmations is just the start of what you will find when a part of the tribe!

There are many out there who have attempted to duplicate the mindful magic + experience of Sapphire Soul. And to them I say: Namaste. Since 2013, being authentic and true to your own creative zone of genius is the fuel that keeps Sapphire Soul running. Only with the best of intentions, love + gratitude do we service the entire body, mind + soul in a monthly box, themed with YOU in mind.

As the creator and founder of the FIRST mindful + mystic subscription box, I got here because of the disconnect I felt then the actions I took to follow my curiosity. Only a few short years ago- I had attained everything I "thought" would make me happy. In the eyes of my friends, family and society, I was in fact successful. I got the degree, hooked the guy, had the (amazing, beautiful, funny) baby, the dog, the resume with evidence of accelerating in my career, the white picket fence, all of it. We were not wealthy by any means but had enough money to save a little and live a little. I truly tied my identity to my career as a teacher and for the first 30 years of my life- did everything I was "supposed to do" (and in the "right" order) to which would give me infinite happiness. Right? Wrong. I had attained all of these things and while I had NO regrets in regards to marrying or having a baby- all the other pieces of me felt jumbled up. I got lost in attainment as well as obligation. My passion, creativity and zest for life disappeared. I was fading. And I was sad and had no idea why.

After going through months of physical illness (anxiety, weight loss, headaches, sleeplessness, and even depression) spiritual disconnect, and overall mental exhaustion: I decided to do something radical. I shut down. I turned off the noise around me. I stopped listening to what other people thought I should do, and started tuning into myself. Then, the magic happened. I started yoga and meditation. I wrote in my journal and did morning reflections. I gave myself "me" time before I tended to the needs of the world around me.

I started being what would appear selfish with my time- I didn't attend every event I was invited to. I only hung around and bothered to call friends with whom I felt a connection to and not because I felt obligated. Once I realized that everything I needed was right here, in my own backyard, I knew the quest for stuff and things was over. I could quit filling my life with meaningless stuff and start FEELING good about each and everyday. My true spiritual journey began. I infused and integrated soul into every area of my life. And then, I started this company.

So, if you are looking for another box of stuff, this may not be the best marketing tactic: but this may not be the place for you. You will grow your crystal + gemstone collection and learn how to use them, to benefit your life. You will start to look at the world in a new light. You will receive AMAZING, UNIQUE products you can't find just anywhere. I intuitively select items to create a custom experience. You will receive affirmations, messages and items that feel like they were just "meant for you". You will be able to try different essential oil products, teas, organic + holistic products for consumption and to put on your hot bod. If you are a large box subscriber, your gemstone/bohemian jewelry box will grow and you will feel good about the pieces you receive. Each piece of jewelry/accessory/item is picked with intention, meaning and symbolism. You will receive all the mystic + mindful goodness you can handle- but if you want more, you can always shop in the online store, open 24/7.

To learn EVEN more about the boxes, visit me on the blog, here:

It's not my job to "fix" you. Only you, can fix you. Honor wherever you're at in your journey, right now. All the shit and the muck you've been through- it came to bring you to this moment. What have you learned from your experiences? What are you grateful for, right now in your life? My job, is to bring you resources that will help you channel and harness all of the amazing energy that is just a little blocked or clogged in your system. Whether you are a deeply connected individual or just starting on your quest, you are here for a reason. Someone or something led you to my page. There is something for everyone. My boxes are created to inspire, lift up and get the message to you: YOU ARE ENOUGH. YOU are LOVE.

Disclaimer: Sapphire Soul may cause you to start: thinking positively. You may feel great about your physical appearance, mental state and sense of self-worth. Side effects include: frequent bursts of creativity, joy and confidence. You may find a new freedom, flow and ease in your life. Clarity, expansion, abundance and bliss will show up in the least expected ways. Brace yourselves for infinite energy and be ready to receive!

Enchanting products for your entire being. We are eco-friendly and ethical. We donate to support peace & education in the global community and the best version of you.

Seek a new experience. Tap into your soul. Discover YOUR magic! You have the power, you have to learn it for yourself.  Your intuition is real. Just listen.

Connect to the tribe in our private mastermind community of like-minded souls. Share your inner wisdom + shine from within in our exclusive membership area debuting in 2016.

How it works

1. Select your box

Subscribe or gift a monthly box that fits your soul + lifestyle

2. Packaged with Good Vibes + Sweet Soul

Get ready to feel more inspired + connected. Be prepared to FEEL good, and shine. From the beginning of the curation process until your box arrives at your doorstep: each item, theme, message, and piece of recycled packaging paper is thought through, mindfully

3. Receive

Your box will ship by the first week of the month. Open, reflect, shine, share. Be ready to feel some major energetic shifts and not-so major, every beautiful intuitive whispers. The vinsert (video+insert) will arrive in your email the week of the box. Enjoy the experience!

A soul-inspired monthly subscription box designed for the modern goddess to complement your mindful + mystic lifestyle. It's like a spiritual retreat in a box!